Pre holiday shenanigans

So I am currently in the pre-holiday 'only a few days to go now' stage & further to my previous post about why I pack early here I thought I would post a little update.

I had a list of the last bits I needed... why do we take so much for a week's holiday?!  I made it out to the shops for a bit with my sister & managed to tick a lot of it off. And bought various snack stuff for my hand luggage in the process. Haribo anyone? Of course it knackered me but I couldn't relax until it was done.

I then decided to tackle packing the toiletries. Which is a task in itself. A few years ago I had a shampoo leak which I didn't know about until unpacking at the other end. Oh it was not a pretty sight! So every time I go away now I put tape around the lids of everything! (I had some nail polish remover pads leak last year which I hadn't taped. Fail). I then wrap stuff in a plastic bag. Mock if you like but it's so much better than having to clean whatever is it that has leaked when you open your case. No one wants a load of sticky stuff all over their pretty clothes!! My friend suggested using washi tape as it's easier than sellotape to get off - thanks Sian - so that's what I've used this time. Prettiest looking bottles heading to Majorca I bet...

As I mentioned in my other post I sorted my clothes without any hassle & the fact I packed a while ago means I've actually forgotten what's in the case! So of course this means I can't match my hair accessories to my outfits so I need various ones just in case (so sly). I think I will take them in my hand luggage too as the special Glitterati bag I am using to take them in (thanks to Sophie & Gareth aka Mr & Mrs Glitterati) is a fab size plus I can't risk them getting lost. I'd be more concerned about them than my clothes with how attached I am to them haha!!

And can I just say I'm a little envious of my little girl's flip flops. I mean glitter & flamingos!!!

So to how I have been feeling. I have been pretty chilled all week about it & I was feeling ok. Or so I thought. It's weird that when you think you're alright, bubbling away under the surface is the big bad anxiety monster. Which keeps hidden until suddenly BOOM. IN YOUR FACE! I started with chest pains earlier suddenly from nowhere & felt really tight chested which scared me so I had to stagger upstairs so I could lay down. I was struggling to get my words out which happens with an M.E crash but this was different. The pains stopped after a while but the tight chest stayed for quite a long time. I had to literally stay laying down most of the day as I felt worse if I got up. I think it must have been an anxiety attack that totally took me by surprise.

However, when I think about the things I will be doing in the next week, I don't think it is such a surprise really. Travelling with a chronic illness that I know will make my symptoms increase is a biggie, especially as I know the after effects won't be the most pleasant. I have disabled assistance booked for the airport which means less queueing etc but I get pretty wrecked travelling. Plus after a bad landing (or should I say a non landing) last year it freaked me out a bit. A lot. It is also my daughter's dance show tomorrow & I think because I know by going it will wipe me out which is far from ideal so close to going away it is making me anxious. But I am having the mummy guilt & know that if I don't go I will probably feel more rubbish than if I do!

I suppose I need to try to stay calm, not worry about the what-if's & just take each day. I am focusing on chilling out in the sun so even if I don't feel brilliant on the day we travel I will just do my best. I CAN DO THIS. I have plenty of stuff to help make the journey as comfortable as possible & a little girl who makes me laugh so I think I'll be ok. Failing that I have lots of sweets....

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