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Some of you may already be aware of Parcelgenie as it has been around for a while. For those of you that don't know what it is, I am about to introduce you to something rather amazing!

I first became aware of it about a year ago when I saw something on Twitter & I do love a random act of kindness so it's ideal for me. It's an instant gift service that you download as an app on your phone, available on either Android or IPhone. They have a range of gifts, all really reasonably priced. They start at £1.99 & go up to around £8.00 I think. They are mainly food type gifts like sweets & chocolate but they also have other stuff like lovely little charms or tealight candles.

You just choose the gift you want to send & it connects to your contacts so you can choose who to send it to. You don't need the person's address as once you've arranged for it to be sent, Parcelgenie sends a text to the recipient saying you have sent them a gift & asks them for their address details. Then you get a message saying it has been dispatched. Simple as that.

You can pay either by PayPal or with a card but I always use PayPal. I have just checked to see how many times I've used it to send gifts & was shocked to see there were 22! I know they have made a lot of people smile & for me suffering from my illness, it isn't always easy for me to go to the shops to buy something or to the post office to send stuff so I find it very convenient. I've received gifts too from people & they look so pretty when they arrive as they are wrapped really nicely. I've even sent my daughter things a few times as she loves getting post!

This is one I received recently

However, as if Parcelgenie wasn't genius enough already, they have now come up with a brilliant new text service making it accessible to a lot more people. Not everyone has Smartphones so this is ideal. They have 10 of their best selling gifts available & I used it for the first time recently. It was so straightforward. You send Parcelgenie a text telling them which gift you would like to send & whatever message you want. For example "send mum a chocolate pizza to cheer her up". They respond asking for the person's mobile number & then they text them asking for their address. It means you can now send gifts via text without actually having to download the app. Or without knowing the recipient's address. Easy peasy!

Another great thing about the text service is that first time users automatically get 50% off their first order!! So what are you waiting for... go go go!

All the information about how to use it is here at http://txt.parcelgenie.com

I'd love to know if you give it a go.. It really is so simple & such a good, inexpensive way to put a smile on someone's face. I mean look how happy my friend looked when she received her Hearts and Kisses gift today :-)

Happy gifting!


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