Holiday packing - Spoonie style!

It's almost time for our holiday & I know a lot of people dread packing because it's such a chore. I never particularly liked doing it before I got ill so still find it a hassle but since having M.E I kind of get organised (or try to) several weeks before we so. Because if I leave everything until last minute then it will completely stress me out & make me burn out which may mean not being well enough to travel. And an even poorlier than usual Spoonie (see previous post here about what a spoonie is) is not a pretty sight!

As a holiday approaches, out comes all the small clothing or swimwear that hasn't seen the light of day for a long time. Some stuff I have only makes an appearance when it's holiday time then it gets put away in a cupboard never to be seen again until the next one.. I have some sarongs that are practically as old as me (& I never seem to wear them when I am away!) but it's almost become a ritual for me when packing. "Oh that old thing" I think as I put it in the case. And then re-pack it a week later at the other end wondering why I bothered to take it...

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The thing I love about beach holidays is that you don't really need that much stuff. I mainly take dresses for the evening & they are always lightweight as no-one wants to be sweaty (or sweatier than you already are) on an evening. We already have to battle with huge hair that no matter how much anti frizz serum goes on it, never stays frizz free. I imagine I shall mostly be wearing mine in a high bun with one of my various hair accessories this time around. However choosing which ones to take has become more of a problem than which clothes to take. So I'm taking a fair few. They are only small so it's acceptable.

After asking (some may say nagging) the hubby to get the cases from the loft several times (why do men never listen?), he finally got them down & I discovered one of them was broken. I seem to remember my mum borrowed it a few years ago & it happened then (!) so no idea why we still have it! I've borrowed another one from her now so didn't have to panic buy a new one. We only take 2 cases between the 3 of us as my daughter doesn't really have enough stuff to fill a case so it's just a waste. Every time we go away I think we will be over on the weight but we never are.

I had a trying on session a few weeks ago & pretty much knew what I was going to take, some new but mainly summer stuff I had already. Of course the denim hotpants from my recent Primark haul are in there!! I also got my little girl to try her stuff on the other day. She's grown quite a bit taller recently so a few things were shorter than we'd anticipated. Good job her big cousin passes stuff down as she has some gorgeous dresses to take!

I am fairly sensible when it comes to shoes & am only packing 3 pairs of sparkly flats!!! I am hiring a mobility scooter when we get there, which I much prefer to using my wheelchair, so although I could get away with heels I'm not bothering. This was me on the scooter last year, as you can see I am really mature!

Currently the cases are in my daughter's bedroom half filled with our clothes ( not his as he will no doubt do it the day before!) & a few toiletries. That's another thing I find a hassle buying for a holiday so this year I did an online shop at Superdrug which made it a lot less stressful. Most stuff was on some sort of offer & I managed to get pretty much everything except children's suncream which we will get elsewhere. I always put some tape around lids & then put each bottle in a freezer bag as I had a shampoo leak a few years ago & it was a nightmare!

I used to pack loads of medicine type stuff (other than my own tablets which I always take in hand luggage) but don't bother with that much now as the pharmacies over there are so good, so if we do need anything we can just get it there. I always pack the basics like antiseptic cream & plasters. Oh and calpol which is a necessity with children!

I intend on getting my makeup bits & jewellery together this week. Not that I wear that much makeup on holiday as I will hopefully have a bit of colour on my face. A selection of lippies & some of the glittery eye liners I use from Collection cosmetics will be pretty much all I need. And I always end up taking loads of jewellery but don't wear half of it so am going to be sensible. Or try at least.

I have packed most of the evening stuff already on hangers as they never provide enough when you are away, plus it makes it easier when you get there. No matter how knackered I am, I always feel better once the unpacking has been done so tend to do it when we arrive & then can push the cases under the beds & forget about them!

A tip I learnt from my friend Sian who blogs at howtodealwithme.blogspot.co.uk & has a series of travel tips for Spoonies on her blog, was to pack your beach bag ready with what you need so depending on when you arrive you can just grab it & go without having to think about what to put in it. I found this useful last time so am doing it again. It already has my huge hat in & some sunglasses so I will add bits to it & then pack away with everything else.

I always split stuff between the cases so if one went missing at least there would be enough in the other to keep us going. And I always put a bikini in my hand luggage just in case both cases went AWOL!  I take an inflatable cushion in my hand luggage too so I can put it at the bottom of my back as I get so uncomfortable. I got one from Poundland & have tested it already as the one I got last time was rubbish & deflated every 2 minutes.

I am aware this is getting really long so going to stop now & I might do another post before I go. To let you know if I have managed to be as sensible as planned!

If you have any questions or tips please leave me a comment below. Thanks for reading



  1. Hope you have fun, too scared to try travelling abroad :-( Dreading my holiday though it's such hard work.

    1. Thanks Jane. It's a bit daunting but having wheelchair assistance at the airport helps & the journey is always hard but it's worth it for me when we are there! Hope your holiday goes ok x

    2. Thanks Jane. It's a bit daunting but having wheelchair assistance at the airport helps & the journey is always hard but it's worth it for me when we are there! Hope your holiday goes ok x

  2. I always used to pack my ghds in my handbag incase the suitcase went missing, who needs clothes when you've got hair straighteners haha

    1. Haha good thinking & you've just reminded me to get mine out to pack. I hardly use them now but if I can control the frizz a bit I'll be happy!! :)


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