Making food fun (and healthy)!

I am very lucky that my little girl has always been a good eater. She has never been very fussy, prefers salad/vegetables to meat & will always try new things.

Whenever possible I try to make food a bit fun for her whether it is by her getting involved somehow or by making it look pretty! She loves to bake too but due to my limited energy I need to be careful how much I do so we tend to stick to more basic things.

Something we make for dinner, which is a firm favourite, is our own healthy chicken nuggets. They are so easy & she loves doing it. Me not so much as raw egg turns my stomach but hey ho!

All you need is chicken breast pieces, 2 eggs & cornflakes. Yes you read correctly, I did say cornflakes!  You crush, bash or jump on them if necessary to get them into a breadcrumb like consistency but we keep them quite chunky so they are a bit more crunchy.  You mix the eggs, dip the chicken pieces in & then roll them in the cornflakes, covering them as much as possible.

Place them on a baking tray covered in tinfoil (which I do so you can just throw it away afterwards & it makes cleaning a lot easier)!  They take about 30 minutes in the oven at about 180 & that's it. Done. As Gordon Ramsay would say.

My little girl always asks for wooden sticks to put in them so she can eat them like lollipops so we use toothpicks & they work a treat!  We usually have them with potato wedges cooked in coconut oil. And some sort of veg. Nice healthy meal!

Another favourite of hers is to make pizzas out of tortilla wraps. Just spread some tomato puree or passata onto a wrap, add cheese & then any toppings they want. The pizzas take about 15 minutes to cook in the oven & they are lovely. Again, as they have done it themselves they seem to like it & they aren't as unhealthy as normal pizza. And they taste delicious!

For a healthy version of fish and chips we oven bake some white fish with chips cooked in coconut oil (or olive oil) & some peas! My daughter really likes it.. Of course it isn't the same as proper fish and chips but it's a nice alternative & doesn't bloat you like the real stuff does!!

A good snack I've been making a lot recently is frozen yoghurt cupcakes with fruit. They take a few minutes & are really yummy. I put a spoonful of yoghurt in a bun case (& I know people call them various things other than buns but that's a whole other discussion & it's what we say in Yorkshire!!!), push a few pieces of fruit in then stick them on a tray to keep them flat & put them in the freezer. They don't take long to freeze & my daughter thinks they are a real treat!

I usually use strawberries, grapes, blueberries or kiwi but most fruit works. And any yoghurts work too, I've tried with flavoured and natural & they all taste as nice.

Talking of frozen treats, a good tip for stopping ice lollies from melting everywhere is to put a bun case underneath them to catch any drips!

Something we had today after our barbeque (which was cooked in the rain.. typical British weather!) was fruit kebabs. I had a vegetable kebab with my dinner but my girlie asked if she could have a fruit one instead so we made some. They looked so pretty! 

And then I said they would be nice with a bit of chocolate spread on them so that's what we did...!!

I'd love to hear of any different stuff people make as I'm always looking for new ideas for meals or snacks (for both me & my little girl). I eat pretty healthily the majority of the time and I'm not sure if not being able to exercise because of my M.E makes me more conscious of what I eat but I do like eating clean (ish). And obviously not all the time. I am partial to a Chinese takeaway! I have cut out bread this last week or so as it bloats me so much & I feel a bit better for it, but I do love bread/toast so am missing it a bit. A previous post of mine about food & eating healthily with M.E is here.

Let me know what you think & whether any of the things above are something you may try :)

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