From the mouth of babes!

Children are funny. And so honest too aren't they?! I managed to get out in the sun the other week when it was hot & whilst I was laying with my girlie on her bed before she went to sleep I noticed my tummy looked tanned so I asked her if it looked brown. She said "yes and you also look like you've got a baby in it". Great. Thanks darling daughter. I clearly need to stick to the healthy eating plan that I am currently on before we go on holiday!

I do love (most of the time) the things kids say. And how funny they are without meaning to be. The other day I had some nuts as a snack & she asked if she could have some so I passed her one. "Thanks mummy, is that an Arnold?" It was an almond! So cute.

I write stuff down sometimes when she says things that make me laugh & put them in my memory box (previous post about it here) because I forget them so quickly. I could probably write a book purely with funny things she's said and still have room for more.

My friend lives in Wales & when my little girl found out she said to her "you're from Wales but you're not a whale are you?".

I also love how they pick up the phrases we say (sort of). The other night she was in bed, or so I thought, when I came out of my bedroom to see her on the landing as she had been to the loo. She jumped & said I had given her the "shock out of her life"!

One of the most recent funny ones was when my friend sent me a "poo emoji" cushion. For those of you who use emojis in messages, you will know the one I mean. When she came home from school she went upstairs & I suddenly heard her saying "Aaaw yay". She came downstairs holding the cushion & asked if she could have it. I asked if she knew what it was & she said "It's chocolate mummy", whilst looking at me as if I was stupid. I had to try to conceal my laughter which I wasn't very good at but I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't chocolate. I asked her to name it & after several not so appropriate ones, she came up with a brilliant name..... Chocolate! Yep it is called Chocolate & now resides on her bed with the rest of her cushions & teddies. Oh how I laughed!

She is also very quick thinking & has an answer to everything. Every time. I sometimes think she must have a secret power where she knows what we are going to say before we say it! An example is today when she had been at her swimming lesson & when she got back, I was in the garden with my mum. I had said earlier she could have an ice lolly when she came home so she asked if she could have it. My mum said jokingly that we had eaten them all so she said "well there's only one wrapper on the floor so I know you haven't". Doesn't miss a trick that child!

I am racking my brains to think of more but brainfog strikes again & I have drawn a blank. I will try to remember to write them down & keep copies in a notepad or something rather than folding them away for the memory box, not to see them again until the end of the year! And I will write about them when I have enough.

Would love to hear some funnies your children say, if you leave a comment or message me I may use some in a future post!

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  1. Kids are adorable, when my foster brother was younger he used to say 'tay the lable' instead of lay the table & 'marvel' cake instead of marble cake.
    Sally x

    1. Aaw that's so cute Sally :) I forgot about some of the stuff she used to mis-pronounce! Need to remember xx

    2. Aaw that's so cute Sally :) I forgot about some of the stuff she used to mis-pronounce! Need to remember xx

    3. Aaw that's so cute Sally :) I forgot about some of the stuff she used to mis-pronounce! Need to remember xx


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