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Who doesn't love listening to the radio? We do a lot & as I love music I'm glad my daughter seems to like it as much as I do. Every time I put it on I guarantee within a few minutes she will ask if I can send a message asking them to say hello to us. My favourite station is a local one so I sometimes send them a tweet & ask them to say hi to her. She was off school poorly last week so was smiling loads when she heard them wish her better soon!

But, did you know there is a radio station specifically for children? I didn't until I heard about Fun Kids Radio. They have a website at funkidslive.com & you can listen live at the same time as browsing the site. They have different presenters throughout the day & when we started listening the other day, it was around 5.15pm & it was called The Club with Bex. I didn't know what to expect but when it came on we were greeted with music & within minutes my little Miss was up dancing to Cheerleader by OMI! She was singing along (I didn't even know she knew it!) & bopping round the room. She even grabbed her toy guitar & pretended to play along which amused me lots.

Next Bex told a funny story about a dog which had my girlie giggling away, then California Girls by Katie Perry came on so she was up again & started performing a dance routine as it's one of the songs from last year's dance show so she was trying to remember it!

After a few more songs a competition was mentioned & her eyes lit up, she clearly takes after me!! I told her she would need to keep listening to find out how to win. We ate dinner whilst it was playing & we often have the radio on in the background while we are eating but she was paying more attention to it this time knowing she could win a prize! The competition was about the silly things dads had done so Bex was reading people's entries out & they were really funny.

We went onto the competition section of the website here & entered a few which was really easy to do. There are some great prizes available to win. I had a lucky streak a while ago but haven't won anything for ages so maybe my daughter will do better!

The website has lots of interactive stuff & it's really straightforward to use. There are things to watch or read as well as various other sections including learn & listen. She spotted the games section & we didn't have long as it was time for her to get a shower before bed but she played a 'spot the difference' game which was fun. It was on a timer so her competitiveness came out! And she also found the 'dress a Princess' game so enjoyed that. As I was about to turn it off she spotted there were some Frozen games too so had a quick go & I said she could play again after her shower. She has already asked if she can use it again so must have liked it.

I was really impressed with it & we will be listening a lot. I enjoyed it too & I'm obviously not a child (although I act is sometimes). It's more of a family station than just for children which is great.

Fun Kids have a Facebook page  here & a Twitter page here.

Sometimes with me being poorly I find it hard finding things to occupy my little girl with & not wanting her constantly sat in front of the TV, this is a perfect alternative. I definitely recommend it & would love to hear what you think of it.



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