Crafting with rose petals!

Who doesn't love fresh flowers? (me me me!)
They are even better when they have come straight from the garden. My neighbour has brought me roses round from hers the last 2 weeks. They have been so pretty & have smelt amazing (see my previous post about making rose petal perfume!)

They have lasted a good week & only just started wilting the last day or so. When we came downstairs this morning there was a mountain of petals so I suggested using them for something crafty rather than throwing them away. Which is exactly what we did!

We decided to make some pictures with them. I went for a flower & my little girl decided to turn them into hot air balloons. She cut up some paper straws to use as the baskets.

Then we cut some shapes out & did collages. I am rather pleased with my heart!!

Little Miss chose triangles & really enjoyed sticking the petals on them. It kept her busy for ages.

Once they were finished she took the biggest one round to the neighbour who gave me the roses. Little gestures do really make people's day sometimes & she was really happy with her picture which has gone on her fridge!

As I've mentioned many times before, we do a lot of stuff in the house with how I am with my illness. Children are as happy being in spending time with you than they are being out (not that we always realise this but they are & we shouldn't feel bad for it!). You don't need fancy things to keep children occupied.  We will use pretty much anything to do crafts with. Look around your house, keep hold of empty boxes & cartons, get out the trusty Pritt stick & scissors and hey presto. The world is your oyster! 

Source Pinterest 

Happy crafting :-) 



  1. Love this idea Ali! I love them and what a fab idea Lucia had to make hot air balloons! I wouldn't have thought of that but they look fantastic!
    I think your right doing things like this is so important. Sometimes parents are too busy to think of sitting down and making something and so many children end up with video games in their hands instead!

    Emma Xx

    1. Aw thanks so much Emma :) She was very proud of the hot air balloons... so cute!

      I always used to feel bad for not going out lots but now accept it & I know she enjoys doing stuff like this as much as other things so I have less mummy guilt now about it. Plus who doesn't enjoy a bit of crafting?!!

      Hugs xx


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