New look. New me?

So I may be on the wrong side of 30 but does that mean I have to act all mature & be boring? No it does not! I certainly don't feel my age. In fact when I see it written down, for example if I am reading a magazine, I automatically think of it as being quite old. Then it dawns on me that I'm the same age. And it's almost laughable as there is no way I can be. I still feel about 16 & I know having discussed this with friends that it isn't just me who feels like it. I certainly don't act it either! Having chronic illness makes you feel a bit rubbish about yourself too so whatever you can do to make you feel a bit brighter then you have to do it.

I have wanted to do something like this for a while & it's not even anything major really. It's just a bit different. I am not talking face piercings or anything too extreme just yet (a new tattoo is the next thing I want! And yes I do have a tattoo but I won't be showing you it!!). But it's something noticeable.

I am of course talking about my hair!

My long, very dark boring hair with a fringe. Pretty much the same style I had as a child.

I have mentioned previously when talking about the Glitterati (see previous posts if you have no idea what I am talking about!) that I have wanted to do something for a while. To not just look a bit funky but to feel it. And I finally took the plunge. My lovely friend is a hairdresser & after I drove her a bit mad with messages & colour options (sorry Debs!) she came round to the house last week & transformed me into (according to my daughter) a very cool mummy! Hurrah.

This was me that morning prior to having it done...

This was during...

And ta da... the final result!

Pink hair don't care!!!

I love it. I keep catching glimpses of it & getting giddy all over again! I somehow do feel a bit different. I can't say it's made me feel younger as I already felt like a teenager but it's just made me feel a bit better about myself.

I have gained more confidence in the last year since joining the fab group of ladies in The Glitterati  & I feel I owe my new look to them. Without them I wouldn't have done it. So if you're reading this fellow Glitterati girls, thank you & I lurve you all :-)

I've had so many comments about my new hair already & when people see it in the flesh they have all said how good it looks. Of course they might be lying but it's nice to hear all the same!! I won't be stopping at this as I have various colours to play with & I think I can safely say I won't go back to my boring hair again for a while. If ever!

Of course I've been trying some of my hair accessories on & they look so different!

I reckon if you want to do something different  to make yourself feel good then do it.

Now what tattoo shall I have done?? (Wink emoji!)



  1. :-) It looks so fab! Welcome to the pink hair gang! xxx

    1. Aw thanks Emma & for your help with me picking cerise :) here's to funky hair forever!! Xx

  2. No such thing as the wrong side of 30 :-p

    Your hair looks ace chica ;)

  3. You're hair is amazing 😄 love the colour and really suits you

  4. Looks awesome! I've just joined the Glitterati and already love being part of it. By the way, I think the blue flowers look wonderful with your hair colour! X

    1. Aw thanks so much Kerry! And yay to joining The Glitterati. You will love it xx

  5. Looks awesome! I've just joined the Glitterati and already love being part of it. By the way, I think the blue flowers look wonderful with your hair colour! X

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  6. I love, love love your new hair!

    Lennae xxx


    1. So sorry just seen this Lennae & thank you so much lovely xx


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