More Autumn craft stuff!

Following on from my previous post here I thought I would show you a few more craft bits we've been doing.

First of all the leaves we pressed are well & truly flat now! We've not decided what to do with them yet so feel free to give me some ideas...

I mentioned in my other post that my daughter had asked if we could decorate conkers again like last year. So we did!

Paint, glitter & plastic gloves were involved as it was a bit messy but fun. Glitter is my favourite thing so in my opinion you can never have enough...

The end result was very effective. However I've put them on a glass cake stand & keep thinking they are Quality Street when I catch a glimpse of them, so I'm a bit disappointed each time when I realise they are just sparkly conkers & I can't eat them!!

My niece came round last weekend & they wanted to make some leaf pictures. They went to collect some leaves & got to work. I Googled for ideas & gave them some different options but they both went for hedgehogs!

They drew the outline with a face each & just stuck leaves on for the body. 

They finished by cutting out & made them into puppets, then proceeded to do a show for us which was very cute! I made a wolf for them but I won't show you as it's not up to the same standard as the hedgehogs!!!

I am really liking Autumn & despite me being poorly, these sort of things are easily do-able with kids & I really enjoy it. Remember if you have any ideas for the pressed leaves let me know in the comments :)


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  1. Great idea Ali! I love the magical conkers and the hedgehog is adorable!

    Emma Xx



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