Sound of Music inspired.. a few of my favourite things!

We watched The Sound of Music last week & my daughter hadn't seen it properly before so it was lovely. Of course the songs are total classics & I keep singing "raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens".

I'm still managing to be pretty positive despite feeling like I've been trampled on by a herd of elephants every day!! See my previous post here.

So, as inspired by Julie Andrews in the film, I thought I'd mention a few of my favourite things...

Hearing my little girl laughing has to be up there at the top. Children's laugher is such a fab sound & my girlie's giggle hasn't changed since she was a baby. Everyone always says what an infectious laugh she has & it's true. A few weekends ago we had snow & she loved it. She thought throwing snowballs up at me in my bedroom & splatting them onto the window was hilarious! I managed to get a good action shot photo of her laughing. It makes me smile so much.

Fresh flowers always make me smile. I would have a whole house full of them if I could! I sometimes buy myself a bunch of something pretty but receiving them from other people is even better. My lovely friend Katie sent me a surprise bouquet last week from Bloom & Wild who do beautiful letterbox flowers. They came wrapped so well with little nets over the buds to protect them & they look so nice. Over a week later they have all opened & they are still going strong!

Sunshine. Not only do I really love the sun but it is also my nickname for my daughter. I say that she is my sunshine on cloudy days! I love nothing more though than sitting with the sun on my face, a nice blue sky & an ice cold drink in my hand. I have a new cloud hair clip from Crown & Glory which we got in the last subscription box & I've actually stuck it on the wall near my bed as it makes me think of my girl.

Happy notes make me exactly that. I love writing little notes, letters or cards for people. I am always leaving them in the house for my daughter & she now leaves them for me too which is just the cutest thing. I have been putting them in a scrapbook that my friend Sian got me for Christmas & I love looking at them. I'm one big sentimental softie!

Music. I don't have any particular type that I prefer, it just depends what mood I am in. I really love stuff that reminds me of being young (er!) & songs that spark memories. I sometimes just sit listening to the radio for ages but I do tend to prefer older stuff than more modern. I think music is amazing as it just makes you forget everything for a while & it can make me feel so happy (or sad) which has to be a good thing.

Glitter is an obvious one for anyone who knows me! I am obsessed with the stuff in absolutely any form & I am just drawn to it. People always send me glittery cards & gifts which is the best.. I know I'll never grow out of my love for all things sparkly!

The sound of rain but not particularly the feel of it or what it does to my hair!! I love being inside & listening to it bouncing off the conservatory roof. Strangely relaxing.

Pineapple themed stuff seems to have become a bit of a problem for me!  have no idea when it started but I am just drawn to all things pineapple... I'm not an overly huge fan of the fruit itself so I really can't explain it. People now buy me pineapple stuff (as well as glittery!) & my friend Emma got me a fab sparkly one for Christmas which I absolutely love! I recently found a top in the sales online with a pineapple shape cut out at the back & I have a few vest tops with them on as well as various other bits. Yep I'm obsessed...

The Michalaks on YouTube are so lovely to watch. They make family video diaries & upload a new one every Sunday. I find them so relaxing to watch & they are such a lovely, funny, genuine family. The vlogs are so well edited & I recommend them to everyone. I am actually going to publish this post & put their latest video on. It's my favourite part of Sundays!

Crisps are my absolute downfall. I am quite happy not having sweet stuff but I just cannot cope without crisps! Walkers are my favourite, especially cheese & onion flavour, so can you imagine how I felt when I won a SACK OF WALKERS CRISPS!!! Yes, a whole sack full. It was a competition on Twitter before Christmas & they recently arrived. I am not sure I've ever been so happy. I haven't had to buy any in weeks & I gave a fair few away too. Woo hoo!

So for future reference, buy me anything glittery, with pineapples on or crisps and I'll love you forever!!!!!

I could probably go on and on but I shall stop here! These are just a few of my favourite things but I have lots more. Remember that even though it might not feel like it, there is usually something positive in every day. Even if it's a really small thing. I have been writing a line in a diary each night with something happy from the day so I can look back on my worst days & remember them. Chronic illness is rubbish but try to find the little things that make you smile if you can. As Buddy the Elf says "Smiling's my favourite"!

I'd love to know some of your favourite things?



  1. What a lovely post Ali :) your positivity shines in every post and I adore your blog! My favourite things are sitting in the garden on a lovely summers day, meeting up with my beautiful little sister and brother and generally appreciating how wonderful life can be despite being chronically ill:) x

    1. Thank you so much Louise. That's so kind of you to say :)
      I love your favourite things.. the garden in the sun is the best! And kids make you smile so much don't they? Keep smiling xx

  2. This made me smile so much Ali! You have such an inspirational way of finding the good while facing the rubbish too.
    I love that Lucia and you write little notes and keep them in a scrap book. I hope I can do that too one day if I have children.
    I also love the sound of rain, especially when I'm tucked up in bed it really is relaxing.
    I'm so happy you like the pineapple! Whenever I see them and anything glittery I always think of you. There's a holiday home I've seen that I've got to find a photo of to show you, as it has a massive stone pineapple on top!
    The flowers are stunning too.

    Emma Xxx

    1. Aw thank you so much Emma :)
      And honestly the pineapple obsession is crazy!! I love the photo you sent me of the house, when shall we go?!
      Lots of love xx


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