Crown and Glory Glitterati unboxing February 2016

Each month, the arrival of our Crown & Glory Glitterati boxes seems to come around so quickly! The anticipation & excitement of what's in the box never goes away.

So without further ado, here is February's fantastic box. It was a rockabilly twist on the Valentines month, inspired by pin-up culture, mods & the late Amy Winehouse.

There were two different coloured boxes this time. Pink was Love themed & black was Hate, with the same items but in different colours. I got the pink one & I really do LOVE it!

In our boxes were:

Glitter scroll heart headband
RRP £20

Lips print bow headband
RRP £15

Cherry hair clip
RRP £5

Cupid's arrow barrette
RRP £5

Velvet rose hairclip
RRP £6

A gorgeous box & I know I'll be wearing it all lots.

I really don't know how Sophie & Gareth come up with such amazing ideas each month. I also had a little giggle earlier at how much Crown & Glory stuff I have. To say I never really wore stuff in my hair until I discovered this amazing secret group is hilarious. I don't feel right without it now!

I wore the lips print headband last week & within about half an hour I had been complimented 3 times on it :-)

There have been a few Glitterati parties already but I've not been able to make any of them, however next weekend I am actually going to the Manchester one & I am super excited. It's a Mad Hatter's tea party & I can't wait to get dolled up and meet some of my fellow glitter loving girls (& Gareth!). I will likely dedicate a whole post to it so watch this space!!


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  1. Lovely unboxing post as always Ali. Beautiful items this month! That headband suits you and goes amazingly well with your hair. You look fab :)



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