Disney is my happy place!

I've not written anything for ages as it took me a while to get over the Disney trip! (See my previous post here all about it).  To be honest I've not really felt motivated to write but something I have realised since coming back is that Disneyland is most definitely my happy place.

My poor health is apparent all the time and I can't get away from permanently feeling rubbish. Alongside that usually comes feeling sad and the whole missing out on life thing, however I have noticed that despite having lots of not so nice stuff going on, generally I've been much happier. If I need to daydream and take myself somewhere away from it all in my mind, I think of Disney.

It's funny how one place can have such an impact and I really do feel like it's the happiest place in the world.

Disney magic really does exist!

Before we went I saw people talking about it in the same way and having experienced it, I now totally understand. I can't recommend it enough.  I also can't get enough of Disney movies, merch, vlogs etc etc.  You name it, if it's Disney I'm on to it!

I constantly want to be back there, to escape from reality and to be caught up in the bubble. Until then, I will continue to watch, purchase and dream of everything Disney!

Oh and isn't my new Donald plush cute! He's my favourite but sshhhh don't tell Mickey :-)


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