Comfy jumpers and fairy lights

Everyone keeps saying I've been quiet lately, which I guess I have a bit but not intentionally!  I think this time of year just makes you want to hibernate and wrap yourself up in blankets.  Hot chocolate has never tasted so good and big chunky socks are the best thing ever.

I hate Winter.  I hate being cold.  Who actually embraces it?

Roll on Summer I say!

I do love snuggling up and lighting lots of candles as well as fairy lights galore twinkling - is there anything prettier?  Playing games with my girlie or watching festive films is nice (Smiling's my favourite!!), but I will never be a Winter person.  Snow is rubbish despite it being pretty to look at. I am in the house a lot as it is, so when snow appears I am even less inclined to leave it!!  I guess that's one of the good things about being ill and not having to worry about going out when the weather turns bad.  I wouldn't fancy attempting to drive my scooter across the ice either although it could be fun....

Primark have done some really cosy Disney jumpers and I *may* have four of them... they are so comfy and soft and I don't want to take them off ever!!  So I guess that's one positive about this time of year.  I even bought a thermal top as I am always cold which amuses me a lot!

We went to Haworth at the weekend to see my friend and it's absolutely gorgeous there.  It turned dark whilst we were sat in a cafe and when we came out it looked beautiful all lit up.  It felt like being in a Victorian Christmas card and despite me now suffering for it, it was absolutely worth it.

I shall try to get some motivation back to write and be a bit more present but for now I intend on watching Elf about 55 times whilst drinking yet more hot chocolate! :-D


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